Author of “Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective” Joins Restoring The Faith

December 11, 2020 | Author: Pamela Acker, M.S.  | Restoring The Faith | The Kolbe Center |

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“In Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective, Biologist Pamela Acker provides a balanced examination of the whole subject of vaccination from a Catholic perspective which will allow Catholic leaders from the Pope and the Bishops down to parents and teachers to make an informed judgment on proposals to mandate vaccinations for the novel coronavirus or for other infectious diseases.  The author is ideally qualified to undertake this task.  A devout Catholic with a master’s degree in Biology from the Catholic University of America, Pamela worked in the field of vaccine development and has the right combination of knowledge and experience to evaluate the scientific basis for vaccination as currently practiced.  In her book, Miss Acker takes the reader through the history of vaccination while giving a comprehensive introduction to the marvels of the divinely-designed human immune system. Drawing upon the latest research in the field, Miss Acker elucidates the many problematic aspects of vaccination as currently practiced and explains how they flow out of a materialistic, mechanistic, evolution-based understanding of the human person which tends to see man as a collection of parts rather than as a divinely-designed body-soul composite.” Link


Link To: Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective