Charts your virus-panicking friends can’t explain

December 21, 2020 | By Tom Woods | Source

“You may have noticed something about your social media contacts.

They think cases go up when people disregard state-imposed restrictions, and go down when they comply.

These are people who haven’t seen any charts.

Some of the ones that follow were generated by Ian Miller (@ianmSC), and some by me using the Worldometers site.

Let’s start with two Orange Counties, one in California and one in Florida. The one in California has been shut down for eight months. It is the home of the only Disney property in the world that is still closed. California has a young population: it’s the 44th oldest of the 50 states.

The one in Florida is completely open, including theme parks and entertainment venues, with no state-imposed occupancy restrictions. Florida is the second-oldest of the 50 states.

Isn’t it funny how closely the two track each other — until the end, of course, when California’s goes through the roof?

I guess California and Florida obey and then disobey at exactly the same time. What a coincidence!

Well, let’s check in on California at large — all those restrictions must be really helping:


Let’s check on Mississippi and Alabama. They’re right next to each other, with very similar populations, but the’ve imposed mask mandates at different times and had different timetables and policies for the reopening of various kinds of businesses. Their charts must be wildly different, right?

And yet:


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