December 17, 2020 | Steve Cook | Truth 11 | by Watchdog

“The government’s controversial use of the notorious PCR test has run into further trouble with the exposure of yet another aspect of the overall fraud.

This time the fraud relates to the numbers of people tested and the number of false positives the government will admit to.

It works like this:

The Chief Medical Officer, Whitty and Public Health England have admitted to a “false positive” rate of 2%.

This, on the face of it, is better than, for example, the tests being used at airports which the PM, Health Secretary and Foreign Secretary have admitted is only about 7% reliable.

Given the government’s penchant for half truths and outright lies, it is possible the 2% of false positives they will admit to for the PCR test is an understatement of how bad it is.

But in the absence of proof for that conjecture, let’s take their word for it.

Per government figures there have at this writing been around  26,000,000 tests done on British citizens.

We’ve assumed that the vast majority of these are PCR tests and not the other, even less reliable tests.

The tests have produced 524,000 positive “cases”.

Now here is where it gets interesting.

Hearing that the gov admits to a rate of 2% of tests done returning a false positive, people work out the math as follows:

2% of 524,ooo positives = 10,480. Conclusion: there have been 10,480 people falsely diagnosed as having COVID. Now that is bad enough but the math is in error. It is an error that the gov has not been quick to correct for reasons that will soon become obvious.

Here’s why:

The 2% relates to 2% of tests done producing a false positive.

There have been 26,000,000 tests done. 2% of these have returned a false positive. That means 520,000 false positives!

There have been 524,000 positives reported.

But per the gov, 520,000 of these have been false.

Which means of the 524000 people reported “positive” only 4,000 of these were actually positive. That’s around 0.75  % approximately of all the positives reported!

But it gets worse:

We already know that the PCR tests cannot detect a live infectious virus and that what it does detect is often tiny trace remnants of DNA for previous infections of COVID19 or other Coronaviruses such as colds and flu.

So all we really know from those 4000 correct positives is that those people have had a Coronavirus at some time or other in the past and remnants of the virus’ DNA are still in their bodies.

Of course, they MIGHT have a live COVID19 virus infection but the PCR test cannot detect it . One would also have to go by their symptoms but as the symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of other bugs such as the flu and “common cold” bugs, it is hard to be certain.

This revelation also further unmasks the fraudulent nature of the COVID19 deaths stat used to create terror headlines. A COVID death is counted when the death occurred within 28 days of a positive test (see the Gov dashboard here

But per the above math, only 0.75% of positives are actually correct and of that tiny number probably only a few (if any) actually had the COVID infection.)

That then makes almost all the COVID deaths as defined here FALSE.”

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