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December 8, 2020 | Ron Paul, M.D. | ChooseLiberty.orgLink To Sign Now

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“The problem is some governors who’ve been asked if they plan to mandate COVID vaccines are not exactly giving the public confidence that their health freedom and health privacy will be protected.

There are many who will want to take the vaccine, and they have the right to choose to do so.

But let’s not forget that those who do not want the vaccine also have rights.

After all, this is a rushed vaccine — the first of its kind — and there is a history of horrible reactions for this kind of thing.

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In the 1970’s, more people died or suffered severe side effects from the rushed swine flu vaccine than did from the disease itself, which is proof that vaccines can be dangerous.

After that fiasco and all the people who were hurt or killed by taking that vaccine, our government reacted by removing liability from vaccine makers, which is still in effect today!

Sign your postcard to demand that your governor asks the state legislature to get involved and put a bill on his desk to protect people from mandatory vaccinations!

If you and I don’t stop this tyranny now, the rushed vaccine may not only be required to travel by air, but maybe even to enter a store or a big city. “Show us your papers” (or your phone app) or stay home!!”

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