Trump pardons Blackwater contractors convicted of massacre in Iraq

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“Trump’s pardon of Blackwater contractors convicted of massacre greeted with derision, grief”

December 23, 2020 | By Adela Suliman | NBC News | Source

“President Donald Trump’s decision to pardon four Blackwater private security contractors convicted of a massacre in Baghdad has been met with fury by the victims’ families in Iraq.

“How are these criminals released after they killed 17 innocent people?” Hussein Saheb Nasser, 35, told NBC News by telephone from his home in Baghdad on Wednesday.

“On what basis did Trump depend on to release them? Let us assume that I travel to America and kill 17 American citizens. Are they going to release me?”

Nasser’s younger brother, Mahdi Saheb Nasser, was 22 and working as a taxi driver when he was killed in September 2007 alongside other unarmed civilians in Baghdad’s Nisur Square.

Iraqi authorities say 17 people were killed; the Department of Justicehas said the total was 14.

The deaths provoked international outrage and raised questions about the use of private security firms in war zones.

In 2014, four former government contractors who worked for Blackwater Worldwide, a security firm founded by Erik Prince — an ally of Trump and the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos — were convicted in federal court in Washington in connection with the killings.”


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“It’s important for citizens to know if their representatives have dual citizenship because both real and apparent conflicts of interest erode public trust.”

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