Two Disturbing Documents Outlining a Few of the Many Reasons to not Trust the Massive, 24/7 Propaganda Messaging that has been Happening Ever Since Bill Gates’s and the World Economic Forum’s Event 201 12 Months Ago

November 14, 2020 | by Gary G. Kohls, MD | |

There is a long list of wealthy and powerful global elites that are in the multi-billionaire investor classes (the WEF, Tax-exempt Family Foundations, Wall Street, IMF, World Bank, etc) that do not want any person on this planet to read or understand. Of course they do want every one of the 7+ billion people on the planet – even infants – to allow the intramuscular inoculations of dangerous, untested for long-term safety, Covid-19 vaccines and their booster shots – or else.


The image of the document below was – interestingly – only available on Google as a partial image, but the full two-page document is available at: (ICAN stands for Informed Consent Acton Network.)


And here is a very partial list of some of the notorious, profit-motivated, pro-over-vaccination entities that do not want even physicians and nurses to read or understand ICAN’s Introduction to Vaccine Safety:

1) every paid or unpaid member of Donald Trump’s Pro-over-vaccination Operation Warp Speed or Trump’s and Joe Biden’s Pro-over-vaccination Coronavirus Task Forces;

2)  every one of the roundly despised Big Pharma corporations that are in the running for having its fast-tracked Covid-19 vaccine hastily “Authorized” for “Emergency Use”;

3) the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and every conscienceless billionaire that is involved in Gates’s World Economic Forum’s pro-over-vaccination propaganda;

4) the HHS, the NIH, the CDC, the NIAID and the FDA;

5) the American Association of Pediatrics, the AMA, the AAFP, etc;

6) the talking heads of the Mainstream Media (including even the Gates Foundation and Big Pharma-subsidized PBS NewsHour, NPR, and even the otherwise worthy Amanpour & Company talking heads that are cheerleading for the Covid-19 propaganda war to keep the populace freaked out and vaccine-ready;

7) ETC


And, to make an equally important point, study the Big Vaccine-co-opted CDC’s approved schedule of childhood vaccines shown further below and then ask yourself, where on this obscenely crowded list of untested for safety or efficacy cocktails of toxic injections will be found room for the dangerously fast-tracked Covid-19 shots and their boosters?


Read this and weep – and then join ICAN or one of the many activist groups (such as Robert Kennedy’ Jr’s Children’s Health Defense – see link above) that are resisting perhaps the most dangerous one of the many Big Corporate entities that are way too far along on their way to Rule the World.”


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