Unnecessary Lockdown – The verdict is in; lockdowns do not save lives

November 26, 2020 | BY SIMONE J. SMITH | Source

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“The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms specify that severe societal restrictions must be justified by the severity of the threat and the necessity of the interventions.”
Joel Kettner (MD MSc FRCSC FRCPC)

As I drove around the city this weekend, I couldn’t help but think that our government seems to be setting us up for failure. In his announcement about the lockdown, Premier Ford noted that people should not panic buy. What do you think everyone has gone and done? The line ups are around the block, shelves are emptying again, and people are panicking.

We are now entering the second lockdown of the year. Now, at the beginning of this pandemic, there was a debate as to whether the lockdown was necessary. Eight months later the verdict is in; lockdowns did very little to save lives, and they were definitely not worth thousands of businesses closing and the severe economic costs. The collateral damage of these lockdowns will inevitably lead to far more deaths worldwide due to the social turmoil it will cause, and the disruptions in medical care and food supplies. I would also like to mention at this point that medical professionals have reported that lockdowns slow the development of herd immunity, which helps a society move past the virus.

Experts are slowly coming out to speak against these rolling lockdowns that are happening globally. Lockdowns are now being viewed as one of the biggest medical and economic blunders of all time. Now, I am not saying that we do nothing, but these heavy-handed policies have done little to actually help those who are vulnerable to the virus. In fact, it has inflicted unnecessary suffering on the global community.

I will say this; there are more people questioning this lockdown and for good reason. Many people were early supporters of lockdowns when fear and panic drowned out data and reason. Now that we are paying more attention to numbers questions are arising. The CDD currently estimated that COVID-19 has a survival rate above 99.9% for people under 65 years old. CDC also estimates that 37 to 187 children die every year from the flu. This year we have lost 105 children from the flu. Yet, we are closing down schools, which go a long way towards limiting the development of herd immunity.

As many of us now, every country has adopted extreme lockdown measures. Sweden for example, acted on scientific advice to handle their COVID-19 spread. They advised their citizens to take sensible social distancing steps, but didn’t close their schools or small businesses. The Swedes are actually in a much better place than us in the Western world. Their actions have made them immune from the second wave, having achieved “herd immunity.” Meanwhile, citizens of lockdown countries remain susceptible to the virus. It is beginning to look like these countries got it right, and we are still getting it wrong.”


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