US Patent: High altitude atmospheric injection system and method

Are you familiar with the history of cloud seeding, a form of weather and atmospheric modification? The intentional modification of Earth’s climate and weather ( Meteorology ) for over 50 years is the root cause of man-made climate and weather extremes. Acknowledgement of military weather warfare has been largely ignored by environmentalists.

CIA Climate Control 1960  “Technological developments of the past two decades have provided the understanding, the techniques, and the means necessary for an assault on the problems of climate control. Control of any kind requires capabilities in all these areas. Meteorology is just now beginning to acquire such capabilities.”  P.4   Link


Weather and Climate Modification 1965

An Introduction To Weather Modification 1969

The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction


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March 25, 2010 | Inventor Alistair K. ChanRoderick A. HydeNathan P. MyhrvoldClarence T. TegreeneLowell L. Wood, JR. | US 2010/0071771 A1 |


“In yet a further exemplary embodiment, cloud seeding, which is a form of weather or atmospheric modification, is an attempt to change the amount or type of precipitation that falls from clouds, by dispersing substances into the air that serve as cloud condensation or ice nuclei. The conventional intent is to increase precipitation, but hail suppression may also be accomplished. The most common chemicals used for cloud seeding include but are not limited to silver iodide and dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide).” -P.6

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US Patent 3,802,624  | April 9, 1974

Method Of and Agents for Influencing Weather

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It’s an inconvenient truth that weather and climate modification has a long history and paper trail.

How Jimmy Carter’s 1979 Federal Weather Modification Efforts Evolved Into Barak Obama’s Geoengineering Efforts to Donald Trump’s 2021 Federal Weather Enterprise; History & Budgets