Waffle House CEO: No Evidence Of COVID-19 Spread Across 2,100 Locations

December 22, 2020 | BY TYLER DURDEN | ZeroHedge

“There have been zero cases of COVID-19 linked to any of Waffle House’s 2,100 locations, according to CEO Walter Ehmer, who told Fox News that American people are being ‘disproportionately hurt’ by unscientific lockdowns.

We have proven, over these nine months, we have zero evidence of any spread being traced back to our restaurants for our people or our customers,” said Ehmer. “We’ve traced back all of our infections… and it all traces back to something away from the restaurant.”

We are disproportionately hurting American people who are wanting to work for no data and no science that ties back to that being a dangerous place,” he added.

Ehmer explained that other restaurant CEOs he’s spoken to on the matter have reported that spread is not being traced back to their dining rooms either.

Meanwhile, employees and customers are ready to return to restaurants, Ehmer said, especially those who rely on open, full-capacity dining rooms to make a living. –Fox Business

“Shutting down restaurant dining rooms virtually has no impact on reducing the spread. And what it does have is a certain devastating impact on the millions of people in this industry that look to restaurants to provide their livelihood… and at this time of year to buy Christmas presents for their kids,” added Ehmer.”


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