Biden_Obama Geoengineering Efforts; Paris Agreement Provisions for Geoengineering Governance

Many understand the role of geoengineering & weather modification in creating current weather and climate extremes and provisions to increase geoengineering via the Paris Agreement (UN_Agenda21 / UN Agenda 2030 ).


Thank you for helping to educate others on this urgent safety matter. Legislation such as The Geoengineering Act for laws prohibiting the release of hazardous emissions are vital to protecting health and environment.  ~JD



18 March 2010  |  United States Government Accountability Office

“Today’s testimony focuses on GAO’s preliminary observations on (1) the state of the science regarding geoengineering approaches and their effects, (2) federal involvement in geoengineering activities, and (3) the views of experts and federal officials about the extent to which federal laws and international agreements apply to geoengineering.”


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A Coordinated Strategy Could Focus Federal Geoengineering Research and Inform Governance Efforts






July 2011 Climate engineering

Technical status, future directions, and potential responses 

“Robock and colleagues’ cost estimate, assuming no economy of scale, to 3.2 million and 6 million tons per year of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, respectively (gases containing 3 million tons of sulfur). The scaled cost estimate is $35 billion to $65 billion in the first year (the cost of the airplanes used to inject the aerosols plus 1 year of operations) and $13 billion to $25 billion in operating costs in each subsequent year to sustain the effort. Robock and colleagues considered several potential aerosol injection systems, including KC-135 aircraft-refueling tankers and F-15 aircraft. They found that the total cost of using the aircraft-refueling tankers would be lower than the total cost of the alternatives, but the tankers do not fly high enough (Robock et al. 2009).”

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Biden_Obama Geoengineering
PubMed Solar Geoengineering Strategy


Sulphur Aerosol Injection

Sulphur aerosol injection (SAI) is considered the most technologically feasible geoengineering option, and thus the most actively investigated currently.55  SAI seeks to enhance planetary albedo (surface reflectivity of the sun’s radiation) 56 through the injection of a gas such as sulphur dioxide or another gas that will ultimately react chemically in the stratosphere to form sulfate aerosols. Alternatively, this approach may be effectuated through direct injection of sulphuric acid.57″

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Aerosol Conferences 2021/2022/2023 will bring speakers from Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.” Link

Aerosol Conferences 2021/2022/2023

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