MAGA/BLM join hands (!) to fight the bill mandating COVID vaccination in New York

January 4, 2021 |  Mark Crispin Miller  | Source

“The organizer’s computer was hacked. No surprise, since such solidarity is anathema to our overlords (who variously fund “the left” NOT out of principle but ONLY to divide us).

From Cara Castronuova (on FB):

#MAGA and #BLM came TOGETHER yesterday for a common cause. YES, you heard that right. I personally co-organized a Demonstration with a BLM organizer named Hannah, to fight the Bill proposed by NYS Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal that will make the Covid Vaccination MANDATORY for all New Yorkers.


We peacefully protested & exercised our 1st Amendment Right outside the Apartment Building of Assemblywoman Rosenthal on the Upper West SIde to let her know that we represent many New Yorkers who are terrified by her Bill & educate her constituency about what she is up to.

I was initially nervous about it. We intentionally kept it small & did not publicize the event or invite media because most of them bring disruption & twist tales. We just wanted to make this happen and hopefully set off a positive chain reaction.

The day went beautifully. The energy was spectacular. Only love and respect. Two different groups that have been painted as enemies coming together for a common cause. I am hoping this sparks something that keeps growing in a positive direction. I am hopeful about 2021.

Each and every person that participated are some of NY’s finest, with great hearts, souls and A LOT of character! Reminds me why I love New Yorkers so much. I do complain about the state of NY often, but I can do that, I’m from here!

So many people came up to us THANKING us for what we were doing, and were really receptive to hearing what we had to say.

It seems no one we interacted with on the streets believes in Forced Vaccination and they could not believe a politician would write such an inhumane bill. Also, people were also so genuinely happy to see the two groups working together.

I am so tired of the Media demonizing both groups. I can personally say I feel the affects of this demonization in my actual personal and professional life. It is wrong. They have deployed a massive campaign to get both groups to hate each other and view each other as the enemy. So we distract ourselves fighting with each other while their co-conspirators in the Deep State and Big Pharma etc. pass Bills like these right under our noses, ENDANGERING every one of us. We must unify in Self Defense against Bills like these and the similar ones being introduced by Legislators in NY and nationally.

Real question for 2021. Are your family members, friends, neighbors and fellow Americans with different beliefs than you your enemy? Wake up!!

NOOOOO, your enemy is not your cousin Vinny, the elderly Trump supporting lady next door, or the BLM activist kid down the block that you watched grow up. How sad is it that THEY have us believing this BULLSHIT?!?!!!!! NO MORE.

The real enemy is #MainstreamMedia #BigPharma #DeepState #BigTech #CorruptPoliticians #CorruptGovernment. We have to start identifying who the Real Enemy is, and that is NOT each other! NEVER stop fighting for what you believe in, FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT, but identify the Real Enemy!

That has to be in the “Art of War” somewhere.”


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New NY COVID bill threatens forced vaccinations — Contact your NY Assemblyman today!

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