New Mexico: Lawsuit asks state to reopen businesses without restrictions

December 22, 2020 | Patrick Hayes | KOB4 | Source

“ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A new lawsuit, filed in Federal Court, is asking state officials to reopen businesses and schools without any restrictions.

Despite thousands of COVID-related deaths, officials with the group Make Americans Free Again do not believe there’s a public health emergency in New Mexico.

“This is a lawsuit designed to restore some of our freedoms,” said attorney Ana Garner.

“Our constitutional rights have been trampled on in the name of a public health emergency and there is no emergency,” she added.

The lawsuit lists several locally owned businesses that are against the public health order including the requirement to wear masks.

The governor’s restrictions have been challenged at the state-level multiple times.

Garner said she filed this case in federal court because it’s a constitutional issue.”

To read the 125-page lawsuit, click here. NM-COMPLAINT-FINAL-TO-FILE.pdf (


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