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January 19, 2021 | Ron Paul, M.D. | Campaign For Liberty |


“The incoming Biden administration is proposing to press down the accelerator on the spending and giveaways on day ONE.

After a year of unprecedented abuses of the American public and adding $Trillions to the debt, the only idea they seem to have to fix the bad economic situation that they created is to do more of the same.

Why stop when you’re on a roll, right?

While the big spenders propose sending most average citizens another $1,400 (after almost a year of destroying small businesses and closing down schools, churches, and events), they’ll be on a wild spending spree for everybody else:

>>$350 Billion in giveaways to state and local governments who mismanaged their states and forced businesses to close;

>>$170 Billion to K-12 Schools who have also been closed for the majority of the previous year;

>>$50 Billion for more “testing, testing, testing,” with a test that isn’t even designed to detect COVID and has serious questions about accuracy coming from all angles;

>>$40 Billion to push the rushed vaccine, which is being rejected in large numbers by health care professionals;

>>Eviction moratoriums nationwide until at least September


This is just what we know about so far.

One of the big worries with the new incoming government is that it will be very one-sided, similar to the first two years of former President Obama’s first term.

You’ll remember they used that window of time to pass “The Affordable Care Act,” which ruined what was left of our health insurance market.

But it also resulted in “The TEA Party Revolution” sweeping into Congress in 2010 and taking back the Senate in 2014.

The left hasn’t forgotten that, and they lost major ground in the House last year, while expecting to actually gain seats.

Republicans also know they will face primary challengers if they anger their base, just like many incumbents did in 2010 and lost!

Both sides of the aisle know they’re playing with fire by continuing these runaway bailouts.

We must tell Congress to reject this latest massive $2 Trillion spending bill, which will cost us all dearly in the long run!

Sign the petition to your U.S. Senators and Representative to stop the Biden Boondoggle now!

The only thing the “stimulus” bill will stimulate in the American public this time is more anger toward politicians, bureaucrats, and their corporate cronies.

What’s most troubling about this latest round of stimulus is HUNDREDS of BILLIONS to bail out governments that shut most businesses down over and over again, destroying their states economically for no reason!

Many of us were saying the “lockdowns” were a bad idea in March when they started and before the 2nd and even 3rd round, but these foolish governors did it anyway.

Now they think they’re entitled to hundreds of billions in bailouts because they weren’t brave enough to stand up for their citizens’ rights.

The best stimulus is opening the economy and these governors who locked down their states shouldn’t be entitled to taxpayer dollars from states that kept their economies open.

Sign the petition to stop the Biden Boondoggle!

We’re not going anywhere — no matter which bullying tactics Big Government and Big Tech may think they can use to silence us.

The new administration will pose many challenges for us that will be familiar and some that are brand new battles.

We thank you for your continued support and your belief in our cause.”

For Liberty,

Ron Paul, M.D.

P.S. Liberty will ultimately prevail, but not without you and me facing some tough battles. Many eyes need to be opened, and Campaign for Liberty is keeping the brushfires of liberty burning. Let’s make 2021 a historic year. Please consider a generous donation now.




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