The COVID “experts” are misleading us, Exhibit Z

January 6, 2020 | By Tom Woods | Source

“Until 2020, I had no idea just what a racket “public health” was, and what a bunch of control freaks and incompetents — a terrifying combination — were in charge of it.

Here’s a small example, from yesterday:

The Centers for Disease Control published a Tweet that included this line, along with a link to an article about Delaware: “In Delaware, universal mask use helped reduce #COVID19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.”

Before I even show you Delaware’s chart, think about what it should look like if what this January 5 Tweet said weren’t misleading.


Here it is:

(Thanks to Ian Miller — @ianmSC — for the chart.)

So we have two things of note here.

Number one: looking at these hospitalization numbers on January 5, 2020, would your conclusion be: masks sure lowered the number of hospitalizations?

Number two: the mask mandates in Pennsylvania and Delaware went into effect nine days apart, and yet their curves both came down at exactly the same time. So as Ian wonders, are we supposed to believe that mandates at different times had exactly the same result at exactly the same time, or might it make more sense to conclude that the spread of the virus is regional and seasonal?

This kind of reminds me of CNN and Canada. They published an article called “Why Canada Flattened the Curve — and the US Didn’t.” The usual nonsense, as you might imagine.

Days later, well, you can see what happened:

Do you suppose they wrote a follow-up article acknowledging this? (And yes, deaths also increased, not just “cases.”)

In a previous email I pointed out all the European countries where back in May we got told-you-so articles about how they wisely flattened the curve because they listened to their public-health officials, blah blah blah. And then, starting in September, their numbers went way up and we never heard from the media again.

As Michael Malice says, this isn’t bias, as some people describe it. It’s an agenda.

I’m doing all I know how to do as just one person to get real information to the public.

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