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February 3, 2021 | Ohio Stands Up! |

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Ohio Stands Up! Ask the Court to Order DHHS to Produce the Facts


“We are now asking the Court for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and a Show Cause Order. It is well past time for DHHS to explain why they have issued rules to inflate cases and death counts.”


“02/03/2021, USA and Ohio – In March of 2020 the DHHS took the unprecedented step of issuing a new rule for the way COVID-19 deaths were counted. This rule created a system that counted COVID-19 deaths differently from ANY other cause of death and that would result in “COVID-19 being the underlying cause of death more often than not.” The result is that deaths from COVID-19 have been dramatically inflated as compared to any other cause of death.


To make matters worse, the DHHS and state partners then began using “case counts” for COVID-19 as a method for determining policy. This was done using PCR testing as a basis for diagnosis despite the fact that most test kits include disclaimers stating that they should not be used to diagnose COVID-19 (this was submitted to federal Court).


Under federal law, the presentation of statistics must be done in a way that ensure the integrity, quality, and utility of the Federal statistical system. The new motion, filed 2/3/2021 requests a TRO and that DHHS show cause for these actions which indisputably are not meeting the integrity, quality, and utility standards required.


“While we recognize that COVID-19 is a real virus that has hurt and killed people, it is indisputable that the response has always been focused more on fear than science. We strongly believe that policy and personal decisions about protecting yourself and your family should be made with honest data and not based on misleading information presented to stoke fear.”


It is time for the “COVID agenda” to end and science to step in.”

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