It’s Now So Bad Even a Clinton Adviser Is Warning About Biden, COVID and a Totalitarian Police State

February 23, 2021 | By Kipp Jones | |

“Naomi Wolf, a liberal feminist who once advised former President Bill Clinton, told Fox News host Tucker Carlson Monday she fears the country could become a “totalitarian state” under the leadership of President Joe Biden.

Wolf, whose career has defined her as an outspoken proponent for Democratic policies, actually crossed the aisle almost a year into the coronavirus pandemic with a warning: our civil liberties are going to be hard to take back, now that we’ve allowed our leaders to use the current public health emergency to set a precedent for violating the Bill of Rights.

What would lead a woman such as Wolf to enter a conservative lion’s den, such as Carlson’s program? Apparently an awakening that the country’s biggest issue is nonpartisan — which the attack on individual liberty is.

Wolf recently tweeted against lockdowns, which led to her appearance on Fox News

Wolf warned Carlson in the interview that the country is experiencing a crisis under the “guise of a real medical pandemic,” and is seeing the country move “into a coup situation, a police state situation.””

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