Maine: Androscoggin County commissioner offers new resolution that forbids county officials from enforcing mask mandate

February 11, 2011 | BY STEVE SHERLOCK | Sun Journal | Source |

“AUBURN — Instead of backing down, Androscoggin County Commissioner Isaiah Lary of Wales has doubled down.

Facing a potential recall vote over his initial resolution arguing against the mask mandate and other executive orders issued by Gov. Janet Mills to prevent the spread of COVID-19, he released a new resolution Wednesday, a week after the first was tabled.

The latest statement resolves that no county official can enforce a “pandemic order,” including the wearing of masks by any resident, visitor or in a business in Androscoggin County. It also resolves to prevent the use of county funds, employees and equipment to enforce the mandate.

Lastly, the resolution resolves that the county administrator take steps to bring the question before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court for a declaration that “the delegation of lawmaking power to the governor under the Emergency Act is unconstitutional” to the Maine Constitution, and in “violation of the separation of powers doctrine and the nondelegation doctrine, thereby invalidating the Pandemic Order.””


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