The teensy-weensy thing they left out of their study

February 10, 2021 | By Tom Woods | | Source

“In March of last year I didn’t know what to think about the virus, but like many people I was concerned.

I had tickets to a concert on March 17. Should I go? (The band made that decision for me by postponing.)

I read what I could, and waited to see what would happen.

The key thing that changed my mind?

The doggone graphs.

From what I can see, we are depriving ourselves of what it means to be human — not to mention impoverishing people and decimating the developing world — for nothing.

I understand why people would think that the various mitigation measures imposed on us make sense and must do some good. But for whatever reason, in this particular case they don’t.

I’ve been sending you example after example that are simply impossible to explain if these measures did much good.

I just read yesterday about Los Angeles officials in October and November blaming Lakers and Dodgers fans for the spike there. Here’s the problem: San Diego’s numbers have followed the same trajectory. We can be quite certain that San Diego wasn’t celebrating for Los Angeles teams — San Diego folks aren’t exactly known for being Dodgers fans.

But another thing that’s kept me a skeptic is the poor quality of the research that is supposed to refute me.

Here’s the latest: a mask study by the CDC.

It is supposed to show that masks have a significant effect against the virus.


The study stopped in October.

Notice the tiny, almost imperceptible trend that occurred after October:

That graph speaks for itself, I think.”


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