New Legislation Proposed by Ohio Stands Up!

March 15, 2021 | Thomas Renz | Source

“USA – Ohio Stands Up! Is releasing new state legislation today that they are asking to be passed in every state in the union. This new transparency legislation does not block or change anything related to COVID-19 or the response – it simply seeks to end the dispute.

“If the ‘science’ supports the actions being taken and all that the public is being told then let’s pass this transparency legislation so we can put this to rest. If the other side has nothing to hide then let’s make it the law that they cannot hide it,” said attorney Thomas Renz.

Renz designed the legislation to be just over a page and very accessible to the general public. The debate on the COVID response and the safety and efficacy of the vaccine has grown substantially, and this bill would allow the public to feel comfortable that the response and vaccine are safe.”


The Truth in Science and Health Act

“This bill is being provided to ensure the citizens of the State of _______ are given true and honest information related to science and their health.”


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