Say NO To Mandatory Vaccines

March 18, 2021 | Ron Paul, M.D. | Campaign For Liberty | Link To Sign Petition

“Never doubt the ability of big government to make horrible and incredibly unpopular ideas mandatory for everyone.

The coronavirus vaccines have been rolled out all across the globe and many are starting to be rolled back, due to safety concerns.

Don’t forget that not a single one of these Big Pharma jabs have actually been approved by the FDA for anything other than “emergency use.

With that in mind, the “technocrats” who could never sell their ideas in a free market are pushing for big government to make their latest abomination, “The Vaccine Passport,” mandatory for everything from air travel, to attending school, or even entering a big city.

And this is all despite the objection of over half of front-line healthcare workers and first responders to getting one of the coronavirus jabs, according to a recent Gallup poll. Even if they were fully approved by the FDA!

The Vaccine Passport would create two classes of citizens – those who are willing to give up their medical freedom with the promise of being freed of tyrannical mandates and those who know this cycle will never end if they submit to it.

Your freedom to choose what goes into your own body is not up for negotiation.

The Vaccine Passport proposals are the very definition of coercion and should be rejected by our politicians at once!

Sign the petition to tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to oppose any attempt at making vaccines mandatory!


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Allowing this vaccine passport to become required seems to be catering to the fearful, instead of those who want to get on with their lives, which I suspect is the vast majority of people in this country.

We’ve seen polls conducted that show a majority of Americans do not trust the vaccine, so does that mean they will also never be allowed to travel by air again? Or take the train or public transportation or even send their kids to schools their tax dollars fund?

And what about the record keeping for this new vaccine database that would have to be created to enforce this program?

Who would be in charge of that and could they be trusted to protect your private data?

Millions of Social Security numbers (which were supposed to have very limited use) are compromised every year. Can we really be confident that the same thing wouldn’t happen with our health data, due to a vaccine passport?

This sounds like a complete disaster in the making.

Sign the petition to tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to oppose any attempt at making vaccines mandatory!

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