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March 30, 2021 | Dr. Ron Paul  |  Campaign For Liberty |  Sign Petition

“If there is one bill in 2021 that could permanently scar the fabric of the Constitution, it’s H.R. 1/S. 1, which already passed the House.

H.R. 1/S. 1 not only institutionalizes many questionable election processes that were fraught with the most controversy in 2020, but it’s also adirect attack on the 1st Amendment and the right to dissenting political speech.

As Chairman of Campaign for Liberty, I wrote a letter, which was delivered to the members of the Senate Rules Committee, describing specific examples of how this bill would silence political speech with fear and intimidationof activist groups just like ours.

If it passes, not only would the election process be permanently scarred, but simply letting you know how your elected officials voted on other bills, would be made illegal leading up to an election!

Jolie, both sides of the aisle should be against this bill, simply based on its flagrant disregard of the 1st Amendment.

This bill has so many bad ideas in one package including:

>>Making it illegal to clean out voter rolls of deceased or non-residents;

>>Forcing states to allow early voting;

>>Forcing states to allow vote-by-mail, which is fraught with opportunities to commit fraud;

>>Forcing taxpayers to subsidize candidates they don’t align with politically; and

>>Policing online speech about elections with new broad and sweeping powers.


As unimaginable as this all sounds, we are getting much closer to this becoming a reality!

Sign the petition at once!

Our elections were never meant to be “nationalized” in this way. The U.S. Constitution clearly states that elections are to be held and electors for the presidential election chosen by the manner in which the state legislature prescribes.

H.R. 1 /S. 1 would completely turn this on its head and force states to adopt rules for their elections that many of them do not want or are in the process of remedying because of flaws they have discovered.

H.R. 1 /S. 1 would thwart those efforts by the states and even counties to rectify issues they may have discovered or will discover as investigations, hand re-counts, and court cases continue in Arizona, Michigan, and others.

Considering the sidestepping of the Constitution on locally controlled elections and the attack on political speech, this bill should be opposed by all sides.

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I am urging all members of the Senate to oppose this reckless bill, and I appreciate your support in doing so as well.”

For Liberty,

Ron Paul, M.D.
Chairman  Campaign For Liberty

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Dr. Ron Paul’s Statement on S.1