The lockdowns are crumbling, and the hysterics are melting down

March 4, 2021 | By Tom Woods | Source |

“I presume you’ve heard the news: Texas and Mississippi are opening up fully.

Before that, the University of Alabama announced it would resume its normal academic practice and schedule in the fall, and return to full stadiums.

People who can’t read charts are screaming about this.

Vanity Fair says, “Texas and Mississippi are apparently duking it out to see who can kill more people with COVID-19.”

Remember when the Washington Post said in April 2020 that Georgia was angling to become “America’s number-one death destination”? It never came close. Did that make the hysterics curious, or cause them to stop saying idiotic things like this? You know the answer.

On February 7, Iowa dropped its mask mandate and its restrictions on businesses and gatherings. Three days later, the Post ran an article: “Welcome to Iowa, the State That Doesn’t Care if You Live or Die.”

I want you to try to pick out from this chart which one of these midwestern states’ lines — all of which show falling, not rising, numbers since then — is Iowa:



Give up? It’s the one in red:


(Source: COVID Tracking Project)

And now, just as I’m writing this, this news just in from WNBC-TV in Connecticut:

“Effective March 19 … Connecticut is lifting ALL capacity limits on restaurants, retail, libraries, personal services, indoor recreation, gyms, museums, offices & houses of worship.”

That’s Connecticut, folks.

We have reached the beginning of the end.”


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