Top UK Judge Calls for Civil Disobedience

March 5, 2021 | by Jules Gomes | | Source

“LONDON, England ( – Britain’s most distinguished Supreme Court judge is urging mass civil disobedience against lockdown laws, warning that the communist Chinese incarceration model will become an accepted model for “dealing with all manner of collective problems.”

Lord Jonathan Sumption’s ominous prediction comes a day after a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change suggested global lockdowns were needed every two years for the next decade to keep within safe limits of global warming.

“Sometimes the most public-spirited thing you can do with despotic laws like these is to ignore them,” the eminent jurist and historian told Lockdown TV channel in a defiant interview Thursday.

“I feel sad that we have the kind of laws, which public-spirited people may need to break,” Sumption, dubbed “the brain of Britain” lamented. “There is no moral obligation to obey the law simply because it is the law. Some laws invite breach. I think this is one of them.”

Lockdown: China-Inspired Totalitarianism

Arguing that never in history had locking up healthy people ever been contemplated as a response to pandemics, Sumption stressed that Britain only changed its policy after Italy followed the Chinese example in ordering a national lockdown at the end of February 2020.

“Now, ultimately, this all stems from China,” Sumption noted, quoting Britain’s lockdown “guru” Professor Neil Ferguson, who candidly admitted, “they never realized that they could get away with it, until China, followed by Italy, showed them the way.”

“Now, I think there’s a serious problem about that,” said Sumption, stressing that “China was able to do that because it doesn’t have a culture of liberty” and “is a totalitarian State” that is “founded upon the principle that human beings are simply tools of collective national policy.”


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