Wisconsin Lawmakers Pass Legislation Forbidding Mandatory CV-19 Injections

March 23, 2021 | Wisconsin GOP lawmakers pass bills banning COVID-19 vaccine mandates | By Molly Beck  Patrick Marley | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Source 

“MADISON – State lawmakers on Tuesday passed a series of Republican-authored bills that would require COVID-19 vaccines to be optional and sent to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers a bill that gives GOP lawmakers control over how federal relief funds are spent in Wisconsin.

Evers said he would veto legislation that gives Republican lawmakers authority over COVID-19 relief funds before the bill was introduced. But he hasn’t yet said whether he will sign legislation that bars employers and government officials from requiring vaccinations.”

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Ron Paul on the passage of legislation banning mandatory COVID vaccines in Wisconsin

“Campaign for Liberty Chairman Dr. Ron Paul issued the following statement regarding the Wisconsin General Assembly’s passage of legislation forbidding Wisconsin government officials from mandating individuals receive a COVID-19 vaccine:

 “If governments can force individuals to receive vaccines and other medical treatments against their will, there is no area of life safe from government mandates. All who value liberty should celebrate the Wisconsin Assembly’s passage of legislation forbidding government officials from mandating any individual receive the COVID vaccine.


“I want to thank the Campaign for Liberty supporters in Wisconsin who contacted their state legislators in support of this bill. The efforts of these grassroots liberty activists were vital to passing this legislation.


“Hopefully, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers will sign this legislation and more state legislators will protect their citizens right to decide for themselves whether to get a COVID vaccine. Campaign for Liberty ’s dedicated activists are ready to mobilize in support of any state legislation opposing mandatory vaccines.”

To learn how to become involved in your state’s Campaign for Liberty group, click here.”

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