Medical Doctor, PhD Sends Letter of Warning: Physicians are engaging in a crime against humanity

April 14, 2021 | mag. Vladimir Pirnat, MD, PhD, specialist in internal medicine and dipl.psychologist | Link To Source

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“Dear Prof. Dr. Alojz Ihan,

In order to avoid legal consequences due to possible lack of information before vaccination against Covid-19, please inform the President and the members of the Medical Chamber of the attached document.
I request the Medical Chamber to publish my attached article in full, without corrections, as soon as possible in the ZZS Newsletter.
Kind regards
mag. Vladimir Pirnat,
Specialist in Int.Med. and Dipl.Psychologist
1. All Covid vaccines have been launched only after several months of efficacy and safety studies. Before their mass use in humans, they were not subjected to the tests that are indispensable for all medicines, even the simplest and most innocuous ones. Therefore, Covid-19 vaccines are not officially licensed. All Covid vaccines are licensed only for emergency, conditional use in humans. Since their long-term effects and possible long-term adverse effects are unknown, these will be determined in vaccinated humans.
The trial (Clinical Phase Human Trial of Covid vaccines) will run officially until 2023.

2. As vaccines are tested on humans, vaccination organisers and vaccinators are legally obliged to before vaccinating human subjects (research subjects):

– inform them that they are voluntarily participating in the testing of insufficiently tested compounds or genetic
manipulation used for the first time for human vaccination,

– warn them of any known adverse co-relations and inform them of the possibility of long-term adverse effects of Covid vaccines,

– to inform that after receiving Covid vaccines, a number of co-infections have been registered worldwide and in our country, including deaths,

– to inform that experimental Covid vaccines are not 100% effective and that protection after Covid vaccination is only temporary (due to the rapid mutation of the virus).

Until Covid vaccines have gone through the full scheme of routine registration procedures and have been licensed for routine use, their use is subject to all laws, conventions and declarations concerning human medical research, including the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki, revised and amended several times, most recently in Fortaleza, Brazil in 2013.

This 37-point declaration is a requirement (imperative) for doctors and other health professionals when carrying out medical research on human subjects.

Of particular relevance to collaboration on the use of new SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are the 4 points in the “General Principles” section:

Point 8: The general purpose of medical research is to generate new knowledge and understanding, but this goal (purpose) must not take precedence over the rights and interests of the research subject as an individual (person).

Point 9: A doctor involved in medical research has a duty to protect and safeguard the life, health, honour, integrity, right to self-determination, privacy and confidentiality of the subject’s personal data. The responsibility to protect the above stakeholders in research subjects is always personal and is inseparable from the researcher, the doctor or other health professional and is not transferable to the subject, even if the subject has given his/her consent to participate.

Point 10: The doctor must comply with the ethical, legal and institutional norms and standards for human subject research, both in the country in which the research is being conducted and internationally. No national or international ethical, legal or institutional rules or regulations can limit or nullify any of the above protections of the research subject in this Declaration.

Clause 15: The remedy of any harm or unintended consequence of participation in research must be provided by appropriate medical treatment and, where appropriate, compensated by appropriate damages.



SARS-Cov-2 vaccines are all still in the research phase. According to the Declaration of Helsinki, participation in human research can only be voluntary.

Mandatory or conditional involuntary vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 cannot under any circumstances be ethical or legal, and the involvement of physicians in involuntary intervention, treatment and/or vaccination is prosecuted under international laws.

The routes, methods and types of liability and dispute resolution in the event of complications following participation in research must be known in advance, as well as the source of any compensation should they arise.

Violation of the Declaration of Helsinki is a serious crime under international law and constitutes a crime against humanity, punishable ex officio by the highest penalties.”

Vladimir Pirnat, M.Sc.,
Specialist in Internal Medicine and Dipl. Psychologist


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