World Economic Forum April 2021 White Paper

Are you familiar with the World Economic Forum Mission & Goals for International Policy and Global Governance?

Data-driven Economies: Foundations for Our Common Future | Source

“The World Economic Forum launched the Data for Common Purpose Initiative (DCPI) in 2020 to collaboratively solve these challenges. It builds on the work undertaken at the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution over the past two years. This global multistakeholder project community of over 45 organizations in 20 countries is focused on:

– Surfacing opportunities for unlocking data for common purposes

– Creating and promulgating governance models that equitably apportion risks and rewards

– Articulating parameters for responsible, fair and ethical use of data.

The DCPI is exploring government-led data ecosystems as one instance where it could serve as a means to exchange data assets for the common good and to promote the transition to a data- driven economy.”


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