Ban ANY Federal Vaccine Passport Scheme


May 28, 2021 | By Dr. Ron Paul | Campaign For Liberty | Sign Petition

Don’t believe the denials

Mr. Biden has flip-flopped on the issue, but last said through his mouthpieces he has no plans for a federal vaccine passport, which sounds plausible given they want to hide behind the private sector rollout.

The issue with accepting that statement at face value is these same statists will inevitably come back later and vow to do the opposite to clear up all the confusion of multiple systems and in order to enforce one uniform policy.

This is all coming to a head very quickly.

The health bureaucrats, like Dr. Anthony Fauci and those at the CDC, are quickly losing credibility, so there’s a very short window of time to get corporations to buy in to vaccine passports while the public is still frightened.

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