Blockchain: Profiting on the Growth of Inequality

May 24, 2021 | Conversation with Alison McDowell and Catherine Austin Fitts |


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By Catherine Austin Fitts

Alison McDowell is a fierce researcher on the issues of transhumanism and technocracy. I’ve wanted to interview Alison for quite a while. With technologies such as blockchain and digital transactions system being used to build the traintracks of tyranny with “vaccine passports”, it was time to have a conversation and conspire on what we can do.

In this interview we unpack the risks behind the use of blockchain, which is benefiting from the digitization of everything including people’s minds, emotions, and behaviors. Alison helps us understand that the medical or health passport is a trojan horse that traps ups into much greater controls. She makes connections between many different things from the weaponized social safety net, increased automation, the panopticon, and the robotic shift.

Big changes always take many years to engineer. Alison’s work is invaluable to understand what is happening: Traditional government functions being run by corporations using technocracy to extract 100% of the economic value with 100% control.


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