Ohio Stands Up! Files Lawsuit in Ohio Supreme Court


Ohio Stands Up! Files Lawsuit In Ohio Supreme Court to Save Our Children From Governor DeWine’s Nazi‐Like Actions With The Dangerous Experimental COVID‐19 Shots

05/25/2021 – “Ohio Stands Up! filed a lawsuit today in the Ohio Supreme Court seeking to prohibit theunconstitutional and illegal activities of Governor Mike DeWine.


Ohio Stands Up! is seeking to prevent DeWine from committing crimes, including harming Ohio’s children with the experimental and dangerous mRNA and DNA-altering gene-therapy shots that turn children into genetically modified organisms. Experiments conducted by Nazi doctors like these on children resulted in the execution of the doctors. Why should those who experiment on our children today be treated any differently?


The $5,000,000.00 Vax-a-Lottery was announced by Governor DeWine as a crazy idea. Not only was it crazy, but it was also unconstitutional and illegal. This legal action (Writ of Prohibition) seeks to prohibit this Governor’s craziness with the public treasury.


The Writ also seeks to prohibit Governor DeWine’s current and any future unlawful acts including shutting down Ohio, ordering Ohio masked, deeming people and businesses non-essential, shuttering businesses, discriminating against people and creating medical apartheid. Ohio Stands Up! seeks to require the Governor to uphold his oath of office that he has broken and failed to respect and honor.


Ohio has been harmed tremendously and continues to be harmed by Governor DeWine and his unconstitutional mandates. Ohio Stands Up! believes the Ohio Supreme Court is the last resort for our children to have some measure of protection against the despotic tyranny DeWine seeks to impose upon them, and the poison shots he seeks to pump into their bodies. He must be stopped.


Don’t let your children be jabbed or they will be irreversibly damaged and harmed. The lawsuit and supporting evidence have been filed with the Ohio Supreme Court. May we all pray that God seeks favor on our cause to protect our children from the damaging intentions and effects of the mRNA experimental gene-therapy shots targeted to our population and its children. May God have mercy upon the souls of those in the medical community who sold their souls to evil for greed and money and have allowed this panic and destruction to occur but did nothing. Stand now for righteousness. Better later than never.”


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