Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan is Free!

Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan is out of prison. Professor Fourtillan has been exposing the truth about the CV virus and the grave hazards of the “vaccine” since the beginning. He was jailed twice on questionable charges and now is free, but under a gag order.  We are incredibly grateful to Professor Fourtillan for his courage and truth telling on these urgent matters.  

The Whole Truth Covid 19 Vaccines

July 11, 2021 | By Agora TV | Translated with

Release of Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan

Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan was released several days ago. Initially, we were instructed not to say anything for his safety. He wanted to thank the support group of Gregory Pasqueille and it has become an open secret, moreover he receives a lot of mail and he would not have been able to read and respond to the latest messages.

The group of “musketeers” with Frederic Chaumont, Tel Schaller, Didier Rochard and the late Serge Rader have supported him relentlessly by broadcasting weekly videos of information and support with the partnership of Agora TV News.

Chloe Frammery, Pierre Barnerias, Francis Lalanne, Christian Cotten and many others mobilized and demonstrated in front of the court in Paris. The professor is out but he is not free to speak…

…Concerning the virus, the vaccines and Pasteur, other revelations came to support the hypothesis of the Professor. He is no longer isolated and Fauci’s revelations have proven the manipulations.”

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“Actually, this virus is not dangerous. It’s a little more dangerous than the natural coronavirus because all sorts of muck’s been added to it. But it’s not dangerous. But what really is very dangerous is the vaccine that will be developed from it.”

– Professor Jean Bernard Fourtillan_Video

Link To Video_Jean Bernard Fourtillan found the truth about SARS-CoV-2 (English Subtitles)