Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Geoengineering Lacks Regulation and Legitimacy

Government and privately funded “academics” have zero public oversight, accountability, or ethics involved, relative to the intentional manipulation of our atmosphere. Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Geoengineering is a pollution war on humanity and nature.


2013 David Keith – The Colbert Report

Solar Radiation Management (SRM) “involves the artificial management of aerosols in the atmosphere.”  SRM is framed as “research,” though these activities are indistinguishable from operations or environmental warfare.

Comprehensive regulations to prohibit harmful SRM actives are urgently needed for the protection and  preservation of life on Earth.

2019 | Geoengineering and the blockchain | Source

Authors: Andrew LOCKLEY, Zhifu MI, D’Maris COFFMAN

“Our proposal offers a ‘polluter pays’ implementation of Long & Shepherds SRM ‘bridge’ concept. This ‘polluter geoengineers’ approach mandates and verifies emissions- linked payments with minimal friction, delay, or cost…

…The blockchain allows the automatic assembly of multi-part smart-contract transactions, involving CDR with an SRM bridge. Subject to system design, these transactions can be performed rapidly, and can handle very accurate transactions. Sale of contracts after completion of works is preferred, but escrow contracts for works ordered are conceivable.” p 11

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“Licence to chill: Building a legitimate authorisation process for commercial SRM operations”

2016 | Author: Andrew Lockley | Environmental Law Review | Source | Link 4ZG |


“In this short scoping paper we provide a broad overview the issues of regulation and legitimacy, as may be applicable to the activities of future commercial SRM actors. We discuss the need for a two-pronged regulatory approach, encompassing first legal and corporate regulation and second, scientific and technical regulation.”

Link To Full Document_Licence_to_chill