Spectroscopy analysis reveals 99.5% graphene oxide in Moderna vaccination vial

July 22, 2021  | OrwellCity | Source

“In a new interview for Palabras y Verdades, La Quinta Columna clarified the doubt about the percentage of graphene oxide in the vaccination vials. When they talked about it being present in 99% or almost 100%, they were referring specifically to what is obtained after analyzing the contents employing the spectroscopy technique. It is not that the whole vial is graphene, but that when the liquid is purified, the signals obtained from this filtrate show that it is 99.5% graphene.

That said. Yesterday we learned that Argentine researchers have analyzed a vial of Moderna’s vaccine and also found graphene oxide in it. And also 99.5% by spectroscopy. This is news in progress, and as soon as there’s more Orwell City will share it.

We have reached a point in science where we have to rethink everything we knew and get the idea that we have been fooled in many ways. Many things that we thought were true, such as the existence of the fashionable virus, such as the innocuousness of vaccines, are nothing more than a tall tale. Literally.

Below, Orwell City offers part of the interview in which Dr. José Luis Sevillano explains everything that has been exposed here as a summary.

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Dr. José Luis Sevillano: I want to tell you that, in this matter of the disease, today we must rethink the present as Descartes did in his time with philosophy. That’s to say, we have to start from zero. The new mental coordinates to move forward in knowledge are based on the fact that the biological version is actually false wherever it comes from, whoever defends it. Whether it is the officialdom that the government defends so much. We don’t care who defends it. It’s false. But it’s false for one simple reason: because there’re hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people in the world who have a magnetic arm after vaccination. And that, that has completely broken everything that’s been seen so far in this story.

And it’s so serious and of such a magnitude this phenomenon… It’s a precious phenomenon, from a medical-scientific point of view, to study. It’s exciting, and curiously, the officialdom doesn’t echo it. What makes us see, clearly, that this phenomenon completely breaks with the official version. It completely leaves in the gutter any explanation of what is happening right now in reality at any level. Both at the level of vaccination results, health measures, political measures… In other words, everything we’re seeing right now is a fake operation.

There is no virus here.

From the moment we have seen that there are magnetic arms after vaccination, it is clear that there is none here. We shouldn’t continue to talk about viruses and vaccines, etc. We must absolutely change the discourse so that it’s very clear that it’s impossible to discuss in the world of science when we start from a false basis. They’re talking about things that don’t exist. Here the only thing that exists, and that we say exists because, as Descartes said, ‘I think, therefore I am.’ And in this case, it’s ‘I see, therefore I conclude.’ People see magnetic arms. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions all over the world. But if nobody seems to see them up there, it means that the key to everything is in those magnetic arms. And from there, you have to interpret everything else. I can’t tell you much more because that’s the basis of it all.

Raúl Belmont (Palabras y Verdades): And in this video, I show you what a group of doctors did today. Well, I don’t know if it was today or yesterday, but in short, recently they went to the door of the Ministry to deliver a note. Let’s watch it.

Dr. Martín Monteverde: I asked 13 questions referring, first of all, to the vaccination issue. Because just yesterday, it was confirmed that the Moderna vaccine and the flu vaccine have graphene oxide nanoparticles inside. Inside the vial. We already had the confirmation that there were also graphene oxide nanoparticles in the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine. So that makes four vaccines that have graphene oxide nanoparticles ins them. They don’t have a small proportion of graphene oxide. They have 99.5%. That is, almost 100% of what is inside the vaccines with graphene oxide nanoparticles. About the Sputnik vaccine…”

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“To understand better what this graphene agenda is all about, Orwell City offers below a fragment of the interview La Quinta Columna gave today for the Chilean radio program Dirección Correcta.

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“The patent code is KR20210028062A.

As I said, this information has been provided by the Info Vacunas channel through its administrator, Dani Díaz, who has done a more in-depth study. And, indeed. He has told us that this patent appears on the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism’s website from the Spanish government.”

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