Why Is Graphene Oxide Present in CV “VAXX” ?

Argentine geneticist Dr. Luis Marcelo Martinez

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Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: ‘The Spike protein is nothing more than graphene inside your body and spiking you’

“On Sunday, June 27, Argentine geneticist Dr. Luis Marcelo Martinez was interviewed by Pedro Moreno in the program Integrantes.

In this interview, Dr. Martinez explains that the pandemic must be treated from an engineering point of view and not only from a health point of view since it was discovered that vaccines contain graphene oxide, but experts in the area of electromagnetism must also be brought in to understand how to deal with what we are experiencing.

Orwell City has selected four points that are relevant and directly related to the findings made by La Quinta Columnaand that are of great interest to both the scientific community and the general public.


“Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: What are they inoculating? Why does this material have electromagnetic activity? Why do some vaccinated individuals emit electromagnetic fields? Why is distortion and voltage difference observed in the head in vaccinated individuals? It’s been proved, gentlemen.

Do you know what happens to the brain when you give it a voltage difference? The neurons go into apoptosis: the neurons commit suicide. Do you understand what I am saying? It’s really fucked up what I’m saying. And all this is no longer a conspiracy, it’s real, and I say it this way because we already have the papers in hand.

I return to the case of this Uruguayan patient. That material extracted from her arms is under analysis at the moment. Her son and her husband have acquired magnetism without being vaccinated. And this event does not stop there. The same phenomenon is observed in countless industrial masks. Then we all have to demand immediate explanations of what we are seeing, don’t we? We have already fulfilled our role as scientists, as communicators, as anything you want, as intellectuals. We have played our little races to see who knew more than the other. That’s it. That moment is over.

Here we are no longer for theoretical-intellectual speculations, here we are now to become citizens who demand explanations, and we are demanding the absolute stop of this, and we are asking for immediate justice. Because what is being observed is inconceivable. So this issue of magnetism and of this black powder that was extracted from this woman, and that we see, plus what is being known about what is inside these vaccines, we cannot accept it, gentlemen. We cannot turn a blind eye.

Pedro Moreno: Were they able to analyze…?

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: Yes, I understand they were. The vaccines could be analyzed. Ricardo Delgado together with Dr. José Luis Sevillano and Spanish professorshave carried out the physicochemical analysis of these components. I am not in a position now to announce findings. That will be up to them in due course when they have taken all the necessary precautions. But I can say that what was observed is inconceivable. We shouldn’t allow people come telling us that it is natural to become magnetic after a vaccination. Don’t let these people come and tell us: ‘No, we are putting magnetic elements to improve the vaccine…‘. No. NO. And these materials that they are inoculating, surely, from the physical and chemical point of view have a reaction with scalar microwaves. And they have been experimenting, to the ignorance of the world scientific community, neuromodulation by means of electromagnetism in animals. There are studies in the field.

And then we have the president of Chile naturalizing that even thoughts are going to be inoculated in people; and then we have the British Prime Minister saying so. I am not making personal statements here. I am shouting here and I am not giving my opinion. I am reporting what is verified and certified, because every time I spoke I did it in those terms, with all the support behind me. I have never spoken with personal opinions because opinions are for bars. Here the papers are put on the table, gentlemen. For all of us. This is a very serious situation, it is very serious.

Pedro Moreno: Ricardo says in his videos that vaccines contain graphene…

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: So far we can say, as far as that has been reported, because we have to take into account the safety of the people who have carried out the experiments and the scenario in which they have been performed. Electron microscopes were used, optical microscopes, spectroscopy tests have been done, absorbance tests. And with all this, between electron microscopy and spectroscopy, they are in a position to affirm that what was observed is graphene.

So I ask the doctors of the medical community: Do you believe that it is necessary to inject graphene into people to immunize against a coronavirus? I asked this in private circuits, but now I am asking it publicly, I am inviting the medical community to think.

And as our colleague said: we also invite you to chat lovingly. Let’s do it with love. Okay? In other words, my impulse at this moment is that because I am witnessing the inconceivable and as a health professional I am desperate, I am desperate and shouting, but more than anything and I repeat: I am here and now as a health professional and as a free citizen demanding explanations to all those responsible for this genocidal plan from the national government to the World Health Organization and all the Courts of law in the world.


Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: I’m working with military engineers. So enough playing scientist, huh?

Pedro Moreno: How is that, Luis Marcelo?

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: Yes, there is a collaborative work group where we are collecting all the data on magnetic phenomena and indeed, one of the members is ex-military and engineer in these issues of electromagnetism and all this, because I do not understand this area I have. I am coming across something and I have had to start studying again. This is not about genetics. They fooled us, they wasted our time.

They wasted our time and it was part of the plan because they knew that there was going to be a dissidence that was going to be assaulted by the ego and that we were going to start fighting among ourselves to see who was right about what was going on.

All this they knew perfectly well that’s why it was set up that way, and that’s why they gave us false clues, endless, as to whether the virus was isolated or not isolated, whether it’s the Spike protein that generates the damage or not.

What Spike protein, anyway? It’s nothing more than graphene inside your body and ‘spiking’ you. The graphene generates systemic inflammation with cytokine storm, thrombi and lung involvement. What’s all that? Well, that is the picture that these bastards have called C-O-V-I-D, because I don’t even want to name it anymore. Let’s try not to name it anymore. Let us not give it an identity.


Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: The big question, which we are here to ask, why are they injecting this? What is the plan?

We, obviously, we have hypotheses and we have knowledge. We know that 5G, in its bandwidth, can stimulate graphene. It can stimulate it. And when graphene is stimulated, it can also generate inflammation. So, those vaccinated with influenza vaccines in the 19/20 season also presented and present magnetic effect, and the phenomenon is also observed in children with calendar vaccines.

So how did COVID start this issue? How did this start? Where were the first 5G antennas activated?

And I am going to quote Dr. José Luis Sevillano: How can COVID have a border effect?

That is to say: crossing from one country to another there are no cases. Africa for example. How can it be? How can there be a border effect? Do you understand all this? The border effect means that there are factors that produce the disease in one country but are not in another. And if it were a virus…, and on the other hand a virus, a health emergency due to a biological agent, how long does it last? How long can it last? How long are we going to be fighting with the same virus? Forever? Where are the infectious disease specialists? Where are the infectious disease specialists?


Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: Autopsies have been done. What happens is that all this is so well put together that if you open a body, if a forensic scientist opens a body, he is not going to find graphene with the naked eye.

What techniques can a forensic scientist use to recover traces of graphene in the tissues, at the tissue level? I mean, you would have to make cuts in the brain, of course, because there is activity in the head and neck of the vaccinated. Then you have to obtain tissue sections of the central nervous system and apply specific techniques to be able to capture the graphene. And now, go tell a forensic scientist to do that. You see, there is no way. We don’t know, we haven’t been taught these things.

We are standing in front of things that we doctors do not know, Pedro, do you understand? So nobody is going to completely deduce this in an autopsy. Nobody is going to come and tell you: ‘Look, here is the graphene I found in the autopsy.’ No! What an autopsy with tissue infiltrates will tell you, what it will tell you: ‘Full of RNA.’ What RNA is it talking about? What a histological slice is showing you are infiltrates, it’s showing you that the tissues have inflammatory infiltrates. Period. No RNA.

What I am trying to say by this is that there is too much talk about this, but most of us all are completely unaware of what we are standing before and what techniques and procedures to apply.

I repeat: this is the heritage of the engineers not us. I, as a physician do not have the foggiest idea how to get graphene out of a person. I don’t know because I don’t even know what graphene is.

Pedro Moreno: Do you mean that if a person had requested an autopsy it would not have been useful to determine the origin of the thrombi?

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: No. You don’t find anything. At most you have seen, of course, thrombi. The vaccine that causes the most thrombi in the central nervous system is the one from AstraZeneca, but what else can they tell you?”


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