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Standing on principle

“Unfortunately, conventional avenues of political or legal action have not stopped the onslaught of government oppression. In fact, the tyranny increases even today.

We don’t need to takes sides about the safety or effectiveness of any particular health intervention. We don’t need to know the origin or nature of a disease.

We need only to stop the current march of tyranny fueled by a “public health emergency.” Standing on common ground, we need to use this moment to reawaken our original, God-given birthright of freedom in all people.”

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“You are God’s Creation.

The one and only true law goes as follows. God is first. God created man and woman. Man and woman created government. Government created statutes, orders and mandates. When we become subservient to manmade rules, it is unnatural and contrary to God’s will.”


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The American States Assemblies



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