Informed Consent

Joe Biden and other politicians/public servants do not have lawful authority to force anyone to take an experimental injection.

The law[1][2][3][4][5][6] is clear that voluntary consent is required for human subjects research testing.  The CV injection is a medical trial that will not be complete until 2022 or 2023.[6] [7]  If you do not want to take the jab, don’t.  Thousands have died or been injured after taking the experimental  injection.  See forms below and research the facts about the ingredients in the jab to protect the health of yourself and your family.  -JD


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“Forms are provided to help families, employees, students, and parents successfully implement complete due diligence and informed consent with respect to COVID-19 injections.” Source


Link To Solari Report Forms for COVID-19 Injections



There Are Federal Regulations Against Mandates