The Ten Point Plan

September 23, 2021 |  JD424_C#19  |

Dear Friends,

It’s me Jolie Diane again, the completely politically unaffiliated candidate of the last US Presidential election who refused to jump in with the official narrative of the corrupt duopoly of the Democrat/Republican crime syndicate.

In my most recent communication I promised to outline what I believe to be “What Is Missing and Absolutely Essential in the USA today”:

Well here it is as a numbered list:

1. Accountability of public servants and military leadership who are violating their Oath of Office. The role of government is to protect our rights, not to make our medical and life decisions.

2. All experimental injections halted immediately, and an independent investigation of the covid scandal. Fines and jail time provided for crimes against humanity. Safe, proven treatments such as hydroxychloroquine,  ivermectin, and natural remedies freely available for all who want them. Zero mandatory vaxx or vaccine passports.

3.  Vaccine bioweapons defunded and the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 repealed.  Liability for all products is necessary for quality and safety assurance.

4.  America no longer to follow CDC or WHO guidelines or to provide any funding for the UN, NATO, or other foreign nations. An independent audit is needed to substantiate foreign aid.

5.  Secure our borders immediately. National and International American military bases audited and secured. Clean up American bases internationally, bring equipment and personnel home, and begin restoring positive diplomatic relations with our world community and at home.

6.  An accounting of those who have entered the country without going through the proper process. Women and children being trafficked, rescued immediately.  FEMA camps purposed to incarcerate or detain Americans, closed.

7.  Public order restored. Violence of any kind not to be tolerated, especially against women, children and the elderly. Violent extremist groups met with zero tolerance and swift justice through the legitimate court jurisdictions on the Land. End America’s adherence to Maritime Law.

8. Wireless systems transmitting radiofrequency microwave radiation (RF/MWR) and satellite systems must be carefully measured, evaluated and shut down except as may be necessary for safety.  Upgrade to far superior fiber optic to the premises (FTTP) installed at every home, school, and business as promised and paid for.

9.  Prohibit polluting emissions. Weather manipulation and atmospheric contamination via Geoengineering, weather modification, or cloud-seeding outlawed. Prohibit GMO’s and genetic alteration of living beings or the environment with substantial penalties provided for violations. Nature and our environment protected and preserved.

10. Investment incentives for: Organic farming and victory gardens for food production; Entrepreneurs encouraged to start home businesses; Green industries such as hemp and solar energy prioritized and utilized for fuel, agriculture, health products, building materials, clothing, and Focused environmental clean up.

In light of the current situation, I realize these ideas sound unattainable. But I assure you that by getting back to the basics of our American Declaration of Independence and original Constitution by reclaiming our sovereignty today, we’ll be back on course for freedom and justice for All.

Our young people and posterity are relying on us to change direction and start the journey toward peace and prosperity. And speaking of Prosperity, my next communication will outline how every American will be eligible for one million dollars during restructure of Federal spending.

Until next time,

In Freedom



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