Is the U.S. Congress Funding the Taliban?

With the Biden Administration’s generous gifts to the Taliban after the ‘calculated’ withdrawal, the American People may be thinking that the U. S. Congress is no longer financing operations and construction in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the U.S. (Corporation) Congress IS still financing the Taliban, according to S. 2944, the “Funding Iron Dome by Defunding the Taliban Act”.

While so many Americans and our Friends around the World are struggling financially and in other ways, it is unacceptable that our public servants are bankrolling the Taliban and funding weapons systems in foreign nations. A public investigation and audit is needed immediately to correct this atrocity. -JD


Link To BILLS-117hr5236ih.‘‘Prevent Taliban Support Act’’


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Collaboration with the Taliban

Zero Hedge | October 21, 2021

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China Daily | Reuters |  March 18, 2021 | US, Russia join in urging Afghan power-sharing

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Congressman Jim McDermott on CNN Crossfire Sept. 10. 2002

Admit the US placed the Taliban in Afghanistan in 1996. LINK

Click here to download video mp4 clip of live Crossfire 9/10/2002


CIA funded and installed the Taliban during the 1990s




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Systemic Corruption: U.S. Congress Funded the Taliban for Decades