Missouri Senate Resolution No. 203 Memorializes a COVID-19 Vaccine Bill of Rights

Resolution SR 203 was introduced, did not pass, was referred to Senate Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee

April 2021 | Missouri State Senate


“Whereas, that a “COVID-19 Vaccine Bill of Rights” as memorialized by this resolution against COVID-19 vaccine mandates provides an example of adoption for other legislative bodies across the U.S. to be recognized and upheld by the attorneys general of those states;

1. No persons will be mandated, coerced, forced or pressured to take an experimental or “investigational” medication;

2. All persons reserve the right, at all times, to determine what is in their own best medical interest without threat to their livelihood, schooling, or freedom of movement;

3. No physician or nurse shall be asked by an employer to promote a COVID-19 vaccine;

4. All health care providers must attest that they are aware of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database and their professional obligation to check it regularly and share information about VAERS with each vaccine recipient. All persons will be informed of the specific vaccine they are receiving;

5. All persons must be given access to independent information to help them determine what is in their own best medical interest, including the risk of death based upon age and condition from contracting the virus naturally. This must include information from sources that are independent of a conflict of interest. For example, pharmaceutical companies have an inherent conflict of interest, as do government or quasi-government institutions. Such information can be included but cannot be the sole source of information;

6. The frail and elderly are additionally entitled to a knowledgeable, independent advocate with medical training to help them determine their own medical interest; and

7. Private businesses operating within the jurisdiction have no legal authority to require or mandate or coerce medication or experimental medication for any persons; and

Whereas, technical guidance for employers released by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in December of 2020 should not be understood to undermine employee constitutional rights laid out herein;”   p. 3/4


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