SHOCKING: Dr. Carrie Madej Releases FIRST LOOK at Pfizer Vial Contents

October 20, 2021 | | Photo Image: Source

“EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS AND IMAGES: Dr. Carrie Madej joined “The Stew Peters Show” with images that should shock the entire world, and should immediately be investigated by lawmakers. The shots need to be stopped, IMMEDIATELY! Call your elected representative, email them these images and DO NOT STOP until we get ACTION!”

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According to Dr. Carrie Madej, Project Veritas will be releasing additional reports about the material(s) observed in the Pfizer covid “vaccine” vials.


Dr. Carrie Madej (at about 1:30 in the video):

“… I have worked with Project Veritas []… an amazing team there and they were able to work with a whistleblower from Pfizer and through Chain of Custody they brought forth some of the vials, so I have some of my own images, but Project Veritas will be, you know, giving their story very soon, which will have so much detail and so much data, so please look for that.


Anyhow, I also wanted to show a short video from one of the Johnson & Johnson vials that I was able to examine… and what I’m seeing in all of these manufacturer’s [sic] are synthetic substances, you know, graphene-like, also these nano-carbon tubes, metallic flecks, etc., but what I was seeing in this particular Johnson and Johnson [sample], was these round spheres — which were not “air bubbles,” as people say, there is no way they were — there were many of these rings, and as time went on, they would get thinner, thinner and expand out, and then finally extrude out some gelatinous material.


I’m not sure what it was, but different kinds of things were inside these spheres, so they’re almost like a delivery structure, that’s what they were doing. Well, on one of these spheres or these rings, there was an organism, it looked like, a translucent organism that went around and back and forth. I don’t know… at first I thought it was another water parasite, another kind [like hydra vulgaris, etc.]. And then, I kept looking at its movements, and then I thought, perhaps it was moving in a more robotic way… [CONTINUES]”

Screenshots from Dr. Madej’s interview with Stew Peters:


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