West Point Cadets Who Chose to Leave West Point Rather Than Take COVID Vaccine Were Coerced, Abused and Discriminated Against

West Point Cadets Who Chose to Leave West Point Rather Than Take COVID Vaccine Were Coerced, Abused and Discriminated Against


October 31, 2021 | By


“[The following was provided from West Point Cadets – Willow Brown (L), Hannah MacDonald (C), and Nickaylah Sampson (R)]

False Promise

In spring of 2021, we have been informed that our choice to volunteer to get the “optional” COVID-19 vaccine wouldn’t negatively have an effect on our time as a cadet at West Point. That turned out to be a false promise.

Earlier than being ordered to signal a doc saying we have been disobeying orders (orders we thought-about illegal) in the summertime and fall of 2021, we have been:

  • Pressured to share a toilet and residing quarters with the males as a result of we have been within the ostracized unvaccinated platoon throughout summer season coaching.
  • Pressured to attend a “re-education brief” led solely by vaccinated personnel (who denied unvaccinated personnel the chance to sit on the panel).
  • Subjected to COVID testing twice per week at 6 am, no matter not having COVID signs. The vaccinated may contract and go COVID however weren’t examined.
  • Not allowed to depart campus with our associates as a result of our radius was restricted in contrast to the vaccinated.
  • Denied a go for being unvaccinated.
  • (Nickaylah) Kicked off the ladies’s rowing staff, as a result of it was too excessive of a danger to take part in bodily actions outdoors, however sitting at school proper subsequent to different cadets and consuming at obligatory lunches side-by-side was not an issue.
  • Scoffed at by lecturers for making such an unscientific and egocentric selection.
  • Visibly solid because the “other” when the vaccinated have been allowed to go with out masks however the unvaccinated have been compelled to publicly establish our medical standing by carrying masks.
  • Ostracized and mocked, endured impolite feedback, pointing, and laughing for being within the “dirty” platoon (a platoon of solely unvaccinated/masked cadets) throughout coaching. Officers informed trainees to keep away from us.
  • Had our HIPAA rights violated when my vaccination standing was launched to the whole freshman class (wherein an officer said that “HIPAA isn’t the be all, end all”).
  • Subjected to this therapy understanding that some cadets had an adversarial response, together with coronary heart issues, to the vaccine.
  • Coerced and punished by a medical officer and others to make life depressing so we’d violate our conscience and get vaccinated.


No Legal professionals for Mandate Paperwork, Sept. 27, 2021

When the USMA vaccine mandate order paperwork got here down on Sept. 27, 2021, the unvaccinated cadets have been escorted to an auditorium the place:

  • We weren’t allowed to depart the room with out signing a doc, acknowledging that we have been disobeying direct orders. (Orders that we take into account to be illegal).
  • We had a selection to both be vaccinated, separate, or apply for a non secular/medical exemption.
  • We have been denied any authorized counsel at this assembly. There have been no JAGs or authorized advisors accessible for us to discuss to earlier than being compelled into signing this doc.
  • When Hannah raised the purpose that the FDA-approved vaccine (Pfizer’s Comirnaty) with the correct lot numbers had but to be distributed in the USA, that the one accessible vaccines have been EUA, and vaccination have to be voluntary, she was informed that small authorized distinction didn’t matter. This situation is necessary as a result of it makes the mandate order illegal.

Since then, all medical exemptions pleading the case of pure immunity and antibodies have already been denied by West Point, opposite to science, and the non secular exemptions are nonetheless being processed.”


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