Wyoming: James Barth for Laramie County Sheriff

October 7, 2021 | |

“It is time to take back our country even if it means one county at a time. There is no reason or cause that would allow the Federal Government to over step their bounds and take away your God Given constitutional rights so help me God, Not on my watch.”

“To have the Laramie County Citizens know that above all, I place God First in all I do and with that principle I have the same foundational beliefs as the founding fathers and truly “One Nation Under God.” You need to be aware that as a constitutional sheriff, I work for the people, I don’t tell you what you need in a sheriff, I don’t tell you what is best for you. I will protect you from tyrants that try to enforce where it is not law. What I will do is protect your constitutional freedoms against any and all over reach from Federal, State and local tyrants. I will uphold the United States Constitution and the Wyoming Constitution. Remember without the Sheriff to hold that ground and do it firmly, then your freedoms are gone. These are my pledges to you.”  – James Barth

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