6G Wireless Systems, AI, The Internet of Bodies (IoB) and the Internet of Everything (IoE)

Our environment, health, fertility, security, freedom, economy, individual liberty and national sovereignty are all threatened by pulse modulated, radiofrequency microwave radiation (4G-5G-6G-AI+), via technocratic-driven, wireless systems. THE PeopleNeighbors and Communities can correct this problem by imposing strong regulations and pushing back at the local level.  -JD



August 2020 |IEEE Access PP(99):1-1 | | Authors: Latif U. Khan, Ibrar Yaqoob, Zhu Han, Choong Seon Hong | Photo Image Source:  6GIEEEACCESS.pdf

“Sixth-generation (6G) wireless systems are envisioned to overcome 5G network limitations. In this paper, we explore recent advances made toward enabling 6G systems. We devise a taxonomy based on key enabling technologies, use cases, emerging machine learning schemes, communication technologies, networking technologies, and computing technologies. Furthermore, we identify and discuss open research challenges, such as artificial-intelligence-based adaptive transceivers, intelligent wireless energy harvesting, decentralized and secure business models, intelligent cell-less architecture, and distributed security models. We propose practical guidelines including deep Q-learning and federated learning-based transceivers, blockchain-based secure business models, homomorphic encryption, and distributed-ledger-based authentication schemes to cope with these challenges.”



“We conclude that 6G systems will unlock the full potential of smart cities via enabling Internet of everything based smart services. AI will be an integral part of the 6G wireless system to solve complex network optimization problems. Terahertz communication will be considered as one of the key communication bands for 6G systems.”


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The Internet of Bodies ( IoB )




Did you know? The UN Agency “ITU” sets the global standard for 5G requirements