Louisiana Representative Warns US Shifting Toward Communism & Fascism; Encourages Liberty-Minded Americans To Run for Office

December 16, 2021 |   | The New American

US Shifting Toward Communism & Fascism, Warns LA Rep. McCormick

“America is worth saving but for that to happen, honest patriots who love liberty and support the Constitution must run for office and get involved in politics, award-winning Louisiana Representative Danny McCormick told The New American magazine’s Alex Newman at the Red Pill Expo in Lafeyette. Being in elected office can be a powerful tool for shining the light on evil and even for encouraging other policymakers to do the right thing. Rep. McCormick, the “Statesman of the Year” according to Young Americans for Liberty, had previously warned that the establishment would try to mandate the COVID vaccine, and he was right. More tyranny is coming if Americans do not get involved in defending freedom and the republic. In fact, right now America is moving quickly in the direction of communism and fascism, he said. In this exclusive interview, McCormick gives people ideas on how to run for office–and win–to stem the tide.”

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