New campaign in Wisconsin to eliminate the state income tax

December 16, 2021 | by Paul Bedard |  The Washington Examiner

Walker and Wisconsin lead bid to eliminate income tax

“A new campaign to eliminate the state income tax in Wisconsin began Thursday as it promised to save taxpayers about $1,700 and expand revenue by boosting Main Street businesses and attracting out-of-staters choking on high taxes.

Led by former Republican Gov. Scott Walker and anti-tax groups such as the Institute for Reforming Government and Americans for Tax Reform, the effort has national implications, especially as other states, including Texas and Georgia, are also facing calls to cut income taxes.

“I love the idea of not just lowering it, but wiping it out entirely,” Walker told Secrets. “It’s going to be a huge game-changer,” he added.

Walker said he entertained the idea as the state’s former governor. Now, armed with an authoritative blueprint from the Center for Research On the Wisconsin Economy released Thursday, he said the path is clear.

“The bottom line is that it is good for the working class. It is good for the working men and women of Wisconsin,” he said.”

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