Nuremberg 2.0 in America: It Is Time

December 11, 2021 | Attorney Thomas Renz Releases More Damning Whistleblower Data at The ReAwaken America Tour / Dallas TX |

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Speech Highlights

  • Renz Reveals DOD Document that tracks vaccinated people by their race. It shows that the Covid vaccine is even less effective in minorities but carries all the risks –  Are The Jabs responsible for the Covid Spike in Minority Groups? Is the jab causing an increase in Covid?
  • Renz Reveals 2004 CDC Document which lays out Big Gov & Big Pharma’s Plan on How to Create Fear to Sell Vaccines
  • Renz Reveals How Government Imposed Medical Tyranny impacted the life of Dr. Eric Nepute whose big crime was having viral videos reaching millions on Facebook telling people how Vitamin D would keep them well, right at the exact time Fauci was trying to create his Covid Fear Porn.  Has the Government become the Marketing & Sales Division for Big Pharma? Are they trying to take out the competition? Has Big Pharma, Big Gov, Big Tech, and Big Media created a multi Billion Dollar Monopoly?
  • Renz Reveals Shocking CMS Data from a Whistleblower about Exactly How Deadly These Covid Vaccines Are.  On day 1 of the shots being given to Medicare Beneficiaries… 555 of them dropped dead on the spot after the first shot. If you survived the first shot and got your 2nd Covid Vaccine 362 more people dropped dead at that moment.  Why did they not stop it then?  It gets worse.  Here are the rest of the deaths of once healthy people who believed their TV, believed Big Pharma, believed Fauci.

Day 0 – 555 deaths after receiving their 1st dose of the COVID Vaccine

Day 1 – 1,137 new deaths

Day 2 – 1,492 new deaths

Day 3 –  1,654 new deaths

Day 4 –  1,750 new deaths

Day 5 –  1,876 new deaths

Day 6 –  1,924 new deaths

Day 7 –  2,095 new deaths

Day 8 –  2,099 new deaths

Day 9 –  2,244 new deaths

Day 10 – 2,266 new deaths

Day 11 – 2,458 new deaths

Day 12 – 2,593 new deaths

Day 13 – 2,595 new deaths

Day 14 – 2,660 news deaths

Total Number of Deaths from Medicare Beneficiaries within 14 days of the first dose of the Covid 19 Vaccine :  29,398

Total Number of Deaths from Medicare Beneficiaries within 14 days of the 2nd Covid-19 Vaccine: 21,031

Grand Total: 50,429…Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Moms and Dads,  Husbands and Wifes, Brothers and Sisters.

Attorney Thomas Renz is calling for a special independent prosecutor to investigate criminal and civil violations by Dr. Anthony Fauci, FDA, CDC, DHHS, and others like the mainstream media who may be culpable in the marketing & authorization of this deadly injection. We believe that pressure needs to be put on elected officials for this investigation to begin. If you would like to join us in this fight for criminal and civil charges to be brought against those responsible you can help us by signing & sending The Renz Letter at


Several high profile freedom fighters and their organizations worldwide have signed on to support The Renz Letter including:

Pam Popper – Make Americans Free Again

Truth For Health Foundation

America’s Frontline Doctors

Joey Gilbert, Attorney & Candidate for Governor of Nevada

Mary Holland – President Children’s Health Defense

Dr. Bryan Ardis

Kevin Jenkins – Urban Global Health

Jonathan Diener,  Esq

Michael A. Hamilton – Cornerstone Law, PSC

Ron Jenkins, Esq – Meridian 361 International Law

Robert J. Gargasz, Esq

Leigh Dundas, Esq – President of Advocates for Citizens Rights

  1. Ana Garner – Garner Law Firm

Dr. David Martin

Reiner Fuellmich, Esq

Christian Revolution

New Mexico Stands Up

Christian Northrup –

Peter Glidden ND – 2nd Opinion Health Solutions Inc.

Peter A McCullough, MD

Jeff Witzeman – President Health Freedom for Humanity

Mary Fanning & Alex Jones – The America Report

The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing

General Thomas McInerney

General Paul Vallely

Col Lawrence Sellin

John B Wells – Ark to Midnight on Salem Radio

and many more…


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