American Pilot Whistleblower: ‘My Colleagues Are Dropping Like Flies with Crushing Chest Pains’

January 2, 2022 | By Sean Adl-Tabatabai | Newspunch |

“American pilot Greg Pearson has blown the whistle on how many of his pilot collegues are dropping like flies with severe chest pains.

In an interview with Real America’s Voice, Pearson revealed that shortly after he received his jab he was rushed to hospital due to a problem with his heart:

“I went to the ER where they quickly hooked me up to EKG IVs, did blood work quickly and determined that I was in atrial fibrillation. It’s the major cause of stroke.

I could have stroked out at 100 feet while trying to land an airplane. I could have just pushed down on that stick before the person next to me could do anything. Whereas it’s all over for a lot of people.

Dozens of Athletes Are Dropping Like Flies and Nobody’s Allowed To Ask Why

“There’s a number of pilots out there who are fearful to come forward and speak… They are fearful of retribution.

There are guys that are going to work with crushing pains in their chests and their heads.

They’re scared that they’re going to lose their careers.

Watch the full interview here.”


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Dylan Eleven |

“1. 2020 No Pandemic

There was no pandemic in 2020, no excess deaths compared to previous years.

+ 2. 2021 Vaccine Genocide

The vaccinated are hurt and dying and overall death rates and injury rates have increased in 2021 since the rollout of these killer “Vaccines”.

= 3. 2022 The People Take Back Our World

Arrest those responsible or get out of the way and let us arrest them to end this genocidal plot.”


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