Did Directed Energy Weapons Cause Colorado Fires?

Photo  _Marshall Fire_Colorado | January 1, 2022 | [Updated January 2, 2022]  Looks a lot like the aftermath of the  California DEW Fires. | It’s also possible that foolish “smart” meters could have contributed to the fires* | [1] | [2]| [3] |

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are another form of silent warfare.

Those who study weather modification and other methods of geoengineering are well aware of the real reason for current weather extremes. Droughts, floods, fires, etc. are the RESULT of decades of military operations, unregulated “research” and Agenda 2030 globalists weaponizing weather to intentionally cause environmental crisis.  

Civilian leadership, oversight, and laws prohibiting weather modification in addition to providing criminal penalties for intentionally polluting our atmosphere via geoengineering activities [and space weapons] are urgently needed to immediately end the war on Mother Earth and All Life.  





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Concept and model for utilizing high-frequency or radar or microwave producing or emitting devices to produce, effect, create or induce lightning or lightspeed or visible to naked eye electromagnetic pulse or pulses, acoustic or ultrasonic shockwaves or booms in the air, space, enclosed, or upon any object or mass, to be used solely or as part of a system, platform or device including weaponry and weather modification



Directed Energy Futures 2060_Directed_Energy_Futures_2060_Final29June21_with_clearance_number

“Laser weapons can also cause damage by igniting fires.”




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Electromagnetic Bomb_ A weapon of electrical mass destruction


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H.R. 3055 | H.R. 1837 | 116th Congress |



Sec. 101. Coordinator of United States-Israel Research and Development.
Sec. 102. Cooperation on directed energy capabilities.
Sec. 103. Cooperation on cybersecurity.

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