New York Supreme Court Strikes Down State Mask Mandate; Gov plans to oppose the ruling

Link To Document_NY Mask Mandate Struck Down 1.22



“In response to the ruling, Gov. Hochul said the following: “My responsibility as Governor is to protect New Yorkers throughout this public health crisis, and these measures help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. We strongly disagree with this ruling, and we are pursuing every option to reverse this immediately.”

Put another way, Gov. Hochul says she doesn’t care about the legal precedent, and will do everything in her power to continue enforcing the mandate.” Link To Article_Zero Hedge




This is a very good thing.  A New York State Supreme Court has blocked the unilateral state-wide mask mandate of Governor Kathy Hochul and state Health Commissioner Basset.  The legal reasoning is very important.   NY Supreme Court Ruling HERE.

The authority of the New York governor and health commissioner, provided by the declaration of a state emergency, has expired.  With that expiration any/all mandates from the office are invalid; all requirements for public health -such as the mask mandate- MUST come from the legislative body.

According to the ruling, Judge Thomas Rademaker said that neither the governor nor the state health commissioner had the authority to enact the mandate without the state legislature, since the governor no longer has emergency powers. [full pdf here]


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