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January 9, 2022

Good day, everyone! 

It’s me, Presidential candidate Jolie Diane, offering solutions that transcend US political party theatrics.

And speaking of theatrics’, we just passed the anniversary of January 6th 2021.

You might recall I had discussed months before the 2020 Election that we were all experiencing an exercise based on simulations being run in Washington DC.  

When it did go live on January 6th, security camera footage and ordinary ralliers’ cell phones were confiscated and a timeline of events and characters was created.

This allowed the FBI, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to conclude that the records of the event equaled proof of a “full blown insurrection” and thus sealed everything from public scrutiny.  

The idea that “evidence” can be sealed – like files related to assassinations such as JFK, RFK and MLK, the attack on the USS Liberty, the Gulf of Tonkin and Pearl Harbor incidents, the Moon landing, UFO sightings, Operation Paperclip, 9/11, Epstein/Maxwell court documents, and 

more recently the ingredient list of mRNA modifications marketed and  distributed  globally as “vaccines” should  be  beyond absurd in the United States of America.

Especially since people are now noticing that the Covid19 equation is not adding up.

In retrospect we should have recognized this as a  possibility with the launch of OPERATION WARP SPEED, which married the military and NATO to a medical event. I’m not even going to get into how DARPA funding played into this mess.


But we were lied to.


First, we were lied to about 2 weeks “to flatten the curve” in order to “stop the spread”. Then, they changed the definition of “vaccine” in the dictionary while we were lied to about masks.

Then, even though they knew the PCR test was proven faulty and wasn’t even designed as a diagnostic tool, they required people to test. Then they manipulatively told grandparents that they would be able to see their grandkids after taking the shot and no one would get sick or transmit the disease. 

Of course, that was a lie too and we heard “it could have been so much worse”.  If you did get really ill after a series of the still in clinical trial injections, well, “That’s because it’s working”. 

The clinical trial for the Pfizer’s Emergency Use Authorization products doesn’t end until May 15, 2023. AND even more strikingly, the VACCINE INGREDIENT LIST was originally SEALED FOR THE NEXT  75 YEARS!!!

The courts pushed up that date, but we’ll see what happens.


Because of Emergency Use Authorization, the manufacturers, doctors, the folks administering the shots, governments –  heck, the whole system – bears absolutely no responsibility!   

Yet they insist that you comply with their mandates!  Which are NOT Laws.

Who in their right mind would think this was a good idea? Gosh, I don’t know, maybe PFIZER!  Pfizer is currently raking in $1000 dollars per second.

Politicians and bureaucrats invested in Pfizer are making decisions that have certifiably ruined lives, crushed small business and destroyed whole economies. The White House, Congress, CDC and FDA are all exempt from those so-called “mandates”.

If you give another person, entity or organization authority to dictate to you the terms of your existence and participation in society, you no longer are a free human being.

If this becomes policy, we will never be able to satisfy the terms of our existence because the terms will be changed on a monthly, then weekly, then daily, then hourly basis.


Do.  Not.  Comply.


We cannot comply our way out of these mandates. 

Here in the USA, our constitutional republic requires the consent of the governed.

And most importantly, we have the ability to participate in our own governance.

We have the opportunity to guide policy at state and local levels to halt unconstitutional impositions. 

We absolutely can resist mandates like this mRNA platform being marketed as a mandatory vaccine. It’s no wonder that people are associating these mandates with The Great Reset (aka Agenda 2030) which relies on the implementation of the Internet of Bodies.


Realizing the dangers associated with melding organic biology with technology, residents in New York, Connecticut, Idaho, California, Pennsylvania, Maryland and beyond have pushed back and prevented the deployment of microwave irradiating wireless facilities. These towers and associated hardware litter our skylines and atmosphere while introducing Artificial Intelligence more intimately into our lives.

Imagine, every town in the USA requiring safety provisions protecting people’s lives and property.  Including constitutional assurances that no unwarranted surveillance, data theft or forced digital currency can be put in place!  

And proof of insurance and bonding of wireless facility applicants so that residents’ taxes won’t end up paying for the disasters that could occur. 

Why not build into state laws and local ordinances monetary fines against these polluters?  

While cleaning up the environment, such financial punishments will not only benefit the People’s health but also local economies.  

Many people recognize their ability to make laws protecting their homes and communities – and they’ve done it!   

With ethical safety standards for wireless infrastructures, the course of history will be reset by, and for, The People.

Stay focused. We can do this! 



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