Let us please STOP this insanity. Please contact the White House and your Congress members NOW and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Americans do not want war! The World does not want war!  SAY NO!  Demand an immediate STOP on weapons and troop deployment and START negotiations NOW for peaceful resolution in Ukraine.



January 25, 2022 |  |  SarasotaVaccinationChoice

The Globalist American Empire Would Rather Risk Nuclear War Than Admit Its Own Arrogance LINK

The United States is on the brink of a war in Ukraine, and most of the country hasn’t even noticed.

WASHINGTON — President Biden is considering deploying several thousand U.S. troops, as well as warships and aircraft, to NATO allies in the Baltics and Eastern Europe, an expansion of American military involvement amid mounting fears of a Russian incursion into Ukraine, according to administration officials.

The move would signal a major pivot for the Biden administration, which up until recently was taking a restrained stance on Ukraine, out of fear of provoking Russia into invading. But as President Vladimir V. Putin has ramped up his threatening actions toward Ukraine, and talks between American and Russian officials have failed to discourage him, the administration is now moving away from its do-not-provoke strategy.

The discussions came as the State Department ordered all family members of U.S. embassy personnel in Kyiv to leave Ukraine, citing the threat of Russian military action, and authorized some embassy employees to depart as well, according to senior State Department officials who briefed reporters on Sunday. [NYT]

Sounds very serious. Yet right now, this is the New York Times front page.


The NYT squeezed the story into the bottom left, below perpetually-unchanging narratives about COVID and stories about Joan Didion and the latest prestige TV show.

For comparison, this was the front page of CNN’s website on the morning of January 19, as the Ukraine crisis was ramping up. See if you can find the update on Ukraine.


Can you see it down on the bottom right, where nobody will read it? It’s just below the Tongan tsunami aftermath and is definitively less important than a Marvel actor dying in a skiing accident.

How about Fox News?

Aha! This time it’s on the bottom left, and roughly equal in importance to Lily Tomlin (who?) receiving a “Movies for Grownups” award (what?).

To say the least, Americans are not racing to their TVs and their web browsers to get more information about Ukraine. The vast majority of America doesn’t know anything about the country and has little interest in knowing more. Their very ignorance, though, reveals a sort of intuitive wisdom: Americans know that Ukraine is a poor and far-away country that should be of no concern for them.

And yet, while America looks away, the ruling class inches us dangerously closer to war. Russia is reportedly massing tens of thousands of troops along Ukraine’s border, and even deploying some in Belarus. America is shipping hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons to Kyiv’s government in response. There is talk of a Russian invasion, which Washington might counter by backing a violent insurgency, which would invite retaliation, and so forth, until America is on the edge of nuclear war over an impoverished country four thousand miles away.

How did this happen? News reports will cite Russia’s military buildup, its support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, its seizure of Crimea and presumed hunger for even more territory. Republicans are releasing videos about the long-building need to “stand up” to Vladimir Putin and his “aggression.”

All of this noise evades the real truth, though: The Ukraine crisis is a creation of the Globalist American Empire. It is a product of American overreach, and the crisis continues because the DC national security cabal refuses to admit any mistakes, backtrack, or engage in any serious negotiation whatsoever. America’s ruling elites are willing to risk war, possibly even nuclear war, for the sake of their own desire to exert control everywhere on Earth. 


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